SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST MEN'S CLUB is a social and service club that is open to all men of the parish. The Men’s Club meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month for a general meeting and social get-together. The Club conducts fund-raising activities throughout the year as well as helping the parish in any way possible.

CHRISTMAS TOY DRIVE : Join us on our mission to collect toys for the many children in need right here in Florida.

FIRST FRIDAY BREAKFASTS: Join us at any First Friday 8:45am mass followed by Rudy's Breakfast for reflection, camaraderie, and some nourishment in the Parish Hall.

ENRICHMENT LECTURES: The general meetings will host a guest speaker of special interest from month to month.

OUTREACH: Serving the parish community in any way that we can for the good of the church; spiritually and physically.

BY-LAWS: A copy of the Men's Club By-Laws can be viewed by clicking here. If you would like a printable version, click here for a PDF version.


Rev. Monsignor Vincent Kelly
Spiritual Director
Mike Brown
John Lindsey
Vice President
Dean McGrady
Bob Conti


St. John's Men's Club

Saint John's Men's Club


To provide all men of the Parish the opportunity to promote the spiritual and social welfare of its members and to assist the Pastor in spiritual and material undertakings for the welfare of the Parish.

Men's Club Mailing List

You do not have to be a member of the Men's Club to be on our mailing list. In fact, you don't have to be a member of the Men's Club to come to our meetings and enjoy the camaraderie and enrichment. Please click here to send a request to be on our mailing list or for more information. See what you might be missing.