WE WELCOME YOU A gracious welcome to all parishioners, guests, and visitors! It is a pleasure to welcome you to our Parish to share a life of faith in Jesus Christ, Our Savior. This is the House of the Lord.

ONLINE REGISTRATION OPEN Online registration is now open for the 2018-19 academic year! All Religious Education registrations will be online. Pre-registration is $80. Payment can be made online with your credit card. If you were registered for the program last year, you should have received an email that contains your login credentials. To register as a new family please visit the webpage.

Join us for our next Bible Study session, Kingdom of Happiness beginning in September. This encouraging series shows that the Beatitudes are not a self-help guide or a boring list of eight more things to do, but are a series of grace-filled, life-giving promises of true, lasting happiness. Classes are Thursdays, 9:30am or 7:00pm. To register, drop off a $25 check payable to St. John the Baptist, notating 'Bible Study Morning' or Bible Study Evening' in the memo. For more information: joanntabry@gmail.com. Please include your email.

Are you or someone you know interested in joining the Catholic faith community or completing your initiation process? Please contact the rectory or email: church@stjohncc.org.

As your summer time takes you far and near, we pray for your safe travels. Stay close to the Lord on your journey.

Prayer to St. Christopher:
Dear Saint Christopher, protect me today in all my travels along the roads way. Give your warning sign if danger is near so that I may stop while the path is clear. Be at my window and direct me through when the vision blurs from out of the blue. Carry me safely to my destined place, like you carried Christ in your close embrace. Amen.

Choose Life Are you suffering from the pain of a past abortion? For confidential help, contact Project Rachel Ministry at 888-456-HOPE (4673). Individual counseling and retreat weekends are available.

Please join us for daily mass. The Rosary is shared at 8:20 AM before the 8:45 AM Mass. All are welcome to join with us in prayer and celebration of the Mass.

Our Novena and Benediction service is every Monday after the 8:45 AM Mass.

Welcome to the Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church parish family. This website is designed to help you get to know our parish and to become part of our community. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to stop in at the parish office or talk with us after mass.

We continue to deepen in the strengths of the parish: prayer, worship, and education of our members in the ways of God. The power of prayer is directed to all the individuals of the parish. Our worship deepens our contact and relationship with God: our creator, rescuer, sustainer. Our young are taught the ways of faith by the example and stories of our lives with God.

We welcome you. We hope and pray that you will grow with us as we journey on our life's road to the Lord.

From the Pastor's Desk
Monsignor Kelly


It is inevitable. Students of medicine, law, education, ministry, business and flying, to mention a few, know that day will arrive: that moment when they step out of the classroom and begin their "internship." Filled with excitement, they attempt to take all they have thus far learned and put it to use. With each attempt to prove themselves, they have the dubious comfort of knowing that someone is watching. Someone is waiting to offer constructive criticism. An internship enables the student to become proficient in their field of study. It invites them to discover there is much more to learn. It can be challenging. It can be difficult. It can be encouraging. It can be life giving.

It was not at all unusual for the Israelites of Jesus' time to meet the disciple or a rabbi traveling about. The disciple would teach all that he had learned and observed from the rabbi. This enabled the rabbi to cover more territory and the student to learn by doing.

Jesus' disciples knew their day of internship would arrive. However, when it arrives they are sent to do more than teach. They are sent to be messengers of God's kingdom. Words will not be enough. They are to follow the wondrous example of Jesus. As he expelled unclean spirits, so they are to expel unclean spirits. As he healed the sick; so they are to cure sickness. As Jesus gave witness to what it meant to be a part of God's kingdom, the disciples are to be witnesses of the kingdom. They are able to do all this because Jesus has given them power to do so. They are a part of God's kingdom.

Like the disciples, we are called to follow in Jesus' footsteps. We are called to be living witnesses of God's kingdom, not only in word, but in action. By our love, we are to root out the evils of hatred, greed and envy which destroy people's lives. By our gentleness and care, we are to heal broken hearts and give comfort to the sick. By our faith, we are to be living witnesses of God's kingdom active in our world. We are not to wait until we feel we are proficient disciples. We are to begin today, as interns. Interns who are sent by the Son of God, guided by the Spirit of God, and loved by God, our Creator.

Parish News and Notes


Prayer for the Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

O God, who show the light of your truth to those who go astray, so that they may return to the right path, give all who for the faith they profess are accounted Christians the grace to reject whatever is contrary to the name of Christ and to strive after all that does it honor. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.