WE WELCOME YOU A gracious welcome to all parishioners, guests, and visitors! It is a pleasure to welcome you to our Parish to share a life of faith in Jesus Christ, Our Savior. This is the House of the Lord.

SCHEDULE AND REMINDERS Religious Education Classes begin on Sundays with our 9:00am family mass followed by an hour of classroom instruction.

Thank you to all who have already contributed to the 2019 Archbishop's Charities and Development Drive. Thanks to your great kindness the parish has achieved approximately 76% of its quota as of the last ABCD collection. Your generosity will have a tremendous impact on the lives of many in our community. We invite those who are still considering a donation to send your pledge to the parish office for processing.
~ Father Vincent Kelly

General Meeting Tuesday, February 22nd. Guest Speaker Joe Miele will speak about using an AED, Automated External Defibrillator. This meeting is open to all men and women of the parish and will be a great opportunity to learn when - and how - to use an AED.

Classes resume Thursday, February 28th. The session is Lent Cycle C: Road to Redemption. If you would like to join us, please submit $15 payment for this 6 week course to the office. See more about this session at left.

Choose Life

MARCH 22nd to 24th, 2019
Camp Erin is at NO COST to families. Camp Location: Camp Owaissa Bauer, 17001 SW 264th Street, Homestead, FL For more information or to apply, visit our website at camperinsouthflorida.org, or e-mail our Camp Coordinator at CampErin@catholichospice.org. The deadline to register is March 1, 2019.

Please join us for daily mass. The Rosary is shared at 8:20 AM before the 8:45 AM Mass. All are welcome to join with us in prayer and celebration of the Mass.

Our Novena and Benediction service is every Monday after the 8:45 AM Mass.

Welcome to the Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church parish family. This website is designed to help you get to know our parish and to become part of our community. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to stop in at the parish office or talk with us after mass.

We continue to deepen in the strengths of the parish: prayer, worship, and education of our members in the ways of God. The power of prayer is directed to all the individuals of the parish. Our worship deepens our contact and relationship with God: our creator, rescuer, sustainer. Our young are taught the ways of faith by the example and stories of our lives with God.

We welcome you. We hope and pray that you will grow with us as we journey on our life's road to the Lord.

From the Pastor's Desk
Monsignor Kelly


How often do we find ourselves in a state of panic worrying over many things in our lives? We may be in such a state of frustration that we can't even concentrate on our work or get a good night's sleep. We ourselves get into such a state of worry that we don't even think about the peace of mind God offers.

St. Paul once wrote to the people of Corinth and tries to explain that if we place our problems in the hands of the Lord, He will give us comfort. St. Paul says that, not only will God give us comfort, but will give it in such abundance that we will be able to comfort others in need.

The Beatitudes in St. Luke's gospel spell out a plan for Christians to live in peace and comfort. He promises that no obstacle will be impossible to overcome if we keep our faith, and that we will even be rewarded for our suffering and persecution. At times, we all find ourselves poor in spirit because of pain, suffering or grief. The Lord promises us not only comfort, but the ultimate treasure - the kingdom of heaven. For those who strive to live their lives as Christians - to show mercy to others, to be faithful in our service to God - are promised God's mercy in return. We will receive the ultimate gift of seeing God face-to-face.

As Christians, we are truly blessed. We have the promise of mercy if we will turn to the Lord in times of distress. We know that if we turn to Him and ask for His blessings, He will hear us and respond to our needs. As Jesus tells us in the Gospels, "Be glad and rejoice, for your reward in heaven is great."

Bible Study


The new session of Bible Study begins February 28th.

Join us this Lent as we take 6 weeks to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ! Are we ready for the King? Are our hearts ready to accept the passion of our Lord so that we may share in his glorious Resurrection? The six weeks leading up to Easter mark our own 40 days in the desert with Jesus.

Classes are Thursdays at 9:30am or 7:00pm. Books are $15. Please make checks payable to St. John the Baptist, notating 'Bible Study Morning' or 'Bible Study Evening' in the memo.



Are you or someone you know interested in joining the Catholic faith community? Are you a Catholic who desires to complete the initiation process by receiving the Eucharist and Confirmation?

If you answered Yes to one of these questions, we warmly invite you to entering the RCIA process. RCIA is designed to assist adults who have never been baptized, have been baptized in another Christian religion and want to become Catholic, or those who were baptized Catholic but have not received the Eucharist and Confirmation. For more information please email your contact information to church@stjohncc.org.


Prayer for the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

O God, who teach us that you abide in hearts that are just and true, grant that we may be so fashioned by your grace as to become a dwelling pleasing to you. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.